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Brunnsbacka Sågkvarn

Around Kroksjön

Kroksjöns Skogsretreat is beautifully located in Gens vik with the possibility of swimming, rowing trips, SUP, fishing and sauna, as well as berry and mushroom picking on the edge of autumn.
Here you can wander along the fine Brunnsbackaleden, about 7 km through a varied and beautiful landscape. Stop by the old sawmill in Brunnsbacka on the road where time seems to stand still. Or take a walk away to the nature reserve Ödegärdet, where the beech forest invites you into its large halls.

In the immediate area you will find Gården Byns farm shop, Unnaryds Hembygdspark with a textile museum and summer cafe, Butik Paletti, Bäck Café and Bakery, and Tiraholms Fisk.

Experience more by bike

Interested in looking around more? We have a couple of bikes for hire (first come, first served) which you can add when booking. Lots of nice places and places to visit can be discovered in the immediate area, and the Hylteleden bike trail passes here, 165 km all the way around. Maybe you'll even come to us by bike?
The bikes are of the "ladies' bikes" type, and only in adult size. Booked for the entire stay and delivered upon check-in.



Add luxury to your stay with a relaxing spa session in our wood-burning sauna. Located on a raft in the bay, you enjoy a fantastic view and are close to a refreshing dip. It becomes a bit especially magical during starry evenings when the sky is reflected in the still lake, and the mist dances over the surface of the water...

The sauna is included when you stay here with us, and you light it yourself when you feel like it. When the sauna is lit, a water tank above the stove is heated so you can finish with a warm wash if desired.

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Forest bath

Staying in forest and land has proven strengthening effects on the immune system and on the body's ability to recover and rest. Join our natural health guide on a leisurely walk in the surroundings where we explore our very own relationship to the healing forest through all our senses. Exercises in the presence of nature are interspersed with exciting information about the beneficial effects of the forest.
Ordered in connection with booking and paid on site by card or Swish.

Time: 2 h

SEK 400 per person. At least 2 people

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