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Kroksjön's food concept

We think it should be fun, reasonably challenging and of course taste really good when you cook outdoors.


From farm to table

In collaboration with the food creator and sustainability consultant Jessica Johansson, we have put together a lovely lunch box with organic, fine ingredients and simple recipes for your entire stay, which is included when you stay with us.
ATTENTION! Not included in the "spring/autumn retreat" package.

Ingredients are available for 2 dinners, 1 lunch, 2 breakfasts and something sweet for coffee.
The only thing you need to bring is the bottle of wine/other favorite drink for dinner.

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Over an open fire

The box contains, among other things, freshly harvested primroses and local goodies from Halland and Småland, from small-scale farmers, farm shops and food artisans who focus on quality and sustainability. And you can feel it in the flavors!

Count on things like locally produced cheese, here-caught fish from Bolmen, game from the surrounding forests, and primroses from prosperous soils.

The recipe is meticulous

composed to give a good taste experience, and simple enough to succeed as a beginner in an outdoor kitchen.

The box, which is a cool box, is delivered in connection with check-in. The raw materials can be stored in the box, or on their own shelf in the refrigerator.

Special diet

We can of course adapt to allergies/intolerances or a vegetarian diet, but please note that everyone in the party receives the same recipe. Specify special diet when booking. If you know that you have an unusual or severe allergy, it may be better to bring your own food. Contact us and we'll discuss!


The outdoor kitchen

In our well-equipped outdoor kitchen, there are kitchen utensils, stoves, pots and pans.
Access to fresh water and a solar-powered refrigerator where each resident has a shelf for refrigerated items. Organic coffee, tea, oil, salt and pepper are always available in the kitchen.

Cooking outdoors takes a little longer than usual, for example lighting the fire and boiling water. Let it be part of the experience!
On the day of arrival, we go over how everything works.

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