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Unique accommodations and authentic dining experiences in harmony with nature.

The season extends from May 3rd to September 29th.
Book your most memorable summer stay now!


From 130 Euro/night

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What is Kroksjön's Forest Retreat?

Comfortable beds in cozy canvas tents, with good, local food that you cook over the fire - here you will find a genuine, slow living experience arranged just enough for you to be able to focus on other things - such as hang outs´ by the fire, relaxing sauna baths or soothing forest walks.


A much-needed oasis in the wild.
We are convinced that contact with nature is vital. We believe that a sense of belonging with the forest makes us happier, and with our forest retreat we want to contribute to that. For everyone's sake, not least our beloved planet.

Öppet och bokning 2024:

Juni-aug: 2 nätter inkl. helpension, incheckning må,ons,fre

Helger maj och september: 1-2 nätter exkl. helpension.

Företagsevent, kurs födelsedagsfirande etc?
Hör av er till oss!


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Rooms in the forest

Regardless of whether you are a family, a couple, friends, solo, want to live secluded, close to the neighbor, with a lake view or embraced by the forest, there is a room just for you.

All our tents are furnished with comfortable beds, warm bedding, woolen blankets and wood-burning stoves. All in beautiful spots in the forest.

Slow Dining

Outdoor cooking and the finest ingredients from local producers are part of the experience here. You cook all the food yourself over open fire and get inspiring recipes to take home.

Thank you for a magical stay with no demands and no musts! A real paradise where we have only been able to enjoy together! A big plus has been the food, absolutely wonderful. Fantastic flavors and well composed. Thanks for two days we will always remember, we hope to come back!

Guests 12 Aug. 2021

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A special gift for someone special:


Kroksjöns Skogsretreat

Forest spa

A more beautiful SPA location than nature is hard to find. Add a wood-burning sauna and a cooling dip in the lake and you have what we call a first-class Forest Spa. It is included in every stay here.

Retreat yourself

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life and discover the luxury of simplicity. In listening to the soothing crackles of a fire, or feeling soft moss underfoot. In getting to spend quality time together, or simply just being present.
Kroksjön's Forest Retreat is a small nature oasis in the Småland part of Halland, more precisely on the northern shore of Kroksjön outside Unnaryd in Hylte municipality.
Enjoy comfort and peace of mind in the middle of the beautiful greenery.


Our goal is to make a stay here feel like coming home.
And that is by the fact that all of us are part of nature and nature is part of us. That something happens inside of us when we are allowed to stay undemanding in wild nature. That birds singing, all scents of the forest, an insect crawling along the tree trunk.. it simply makes us feel good. And makes us act a little easier based on our innermost dreams and values.
Based on what feels important, deep inside.

Our retreat is an overall experience that is perfect for a romantic getaway for two, a little adventure for the small family or for those of you who want to treat each other and yourselves to something extra.

Warm welcome here!

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