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Why can't I book as many nights as I want?

Since this is in many ways a slightly different living experience, we have fixed check-in days where we are on site and go through "how it works". Then we leave you to enjoy and experience nature in peace and quiet on your own. The fact that you usually can't book just one night is because we want to squeeze in a little more time in nature, that you need a little more time to land, relax and zoom out. But also to save on resources in the form of washing and cleaning.

Shared check-in?

In order for your experience to be as good as possible, as well as for everyone's safety and well-being, we want to have a joint review of the place, fireplace and kitchen etc. and this will take place at 4.30 pm on the day of arrival. It is fine to arrive and check in from 4 p.m.
If for some reason you encounter obstacles on the way, you need to let us know about this so that we can agree on a new time for an individual review later in the afternoon/evening.
Check-out is at 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

What is our cancellation policy?

Without cancellation protection, you can cancel with a full refund up to 21 days before the arrival date.

In case of cancellation from 20 days up to and including 14 days before the arrival date, 50% of the amount is refunded.
Cancellation 13 days or later than 13 days before the arrival date is not refunded.
Rebooking up to and including 14 days before the arrival date, in the same season and subject to availability. 13-0 days before the arrival date, rebooking only applies on presentation of a medical certificate.
If you sign cancellation protection when booking, free cancellation applies up to and including 14 days before the arrival date and 50% refund for cancellation 13 days before arrival up to and including 24 hours before check-in, alt. free rebooking in the same season.

Read more about our booking conditions here.

How does the outdoor kitchen work?

The outdoor kitchen, which is sheltered from the rain under a stretch tent next to the lake in the small bay, is equipped with everything you need to prepare your meals, such as pots, frying pans, plates, glasses, cutlery, pressure jugs, etc. The food is cooked over an open fire in fire barrels there for example, you place a frying pan or saucepan on a grid. There is firewood, fireballs, chopping block and axe. Lighting a fire and keeping it going can be a new experience and cooking outdoors can take a little longer than you are used to. Let it be part of the experience! You will probably be several parties cooking in the kitchen at the same time, so it is good if you are prepared to cooperate and help each other around fires and with equipment. The dishes must be cleaned with warm water and washing-up liquid.
Organic coffee, tea, oat milk, oil, salt and pepper are always available in the kitchen.

What does Kroksjön's food concept mean?

The food concept consists of a cooler box and a basket that is delivered upon check-in and contains ingredients and recipes for 2 dinners, 1 lunch, 2 breakfasts, and something sweet for coffee. The content will vary as it is based on what is available for the season, but is as much as possible locally produced and/or organic. The basis is "simple but forest luxury", that it should be easy to succeed and that nothing should go to waste. Breakfast usually consists of yogurt with granola/porridge, eggs, juice, and coffee or tea.
The only thing you need to think about is bringing a bottle of wine/other favorite drink to dinner!

Please note that everyone in the same party always receives the same recipe, and in the case of allergies/special diets, the recipe is adjusted accordingly.

Can I bring children/extra people with me?

Open fires and axes are perhaps not the best toys for the little ones and it could possibly be a bit tricky to get in and out of the boat if you live out on the peninsula. But with that said, nature is also a fantastic playground with endless opportunities to explore and discover! Under their own responsibility, the youngest are welcome to come along and share a place with you in bed. For 3 adults, and/or 1-2 children up to 12 years of age, there is Skogsudden 2, with space for up to 4 people. Then we spread out with 1-2 mattresses on the floor.

If both children are over 12, or if you are a group of friends traveling together, book Skogsudden 1 & 2. These tents are close to each other and are perfect for a slightly larger group.
We know that children don't always appreciate the same food as us adults and that you might rather bring something you know they will like. Therefore, the food is not automatically included when you book extra people in Skogsudden 2. State when booking if you want food for the children, otherwise the lunch box is intended for 2 people.

Is there any difference between the accommodations?

Not significantly. The Island suite includes its own rowing boat because a rowing trip is required to get out to the tent. The interior differs slightly between the tents and we reserve the right to change according to taste and inspiration from time to time. In other words, it may differ slightly from what you see in the pictures. Another thing that sets them apart is their location. The island suite is located on a peninsula in the bay, which can be reached by a short rowing trip. Skogsudden 1 & 2 are located on the opposite side of the bay, next to the lake in the so-called Magic Forest, and closest to the outdoor kitchen (approx. 50 and 75 m, respectively). The edge of the cliff is located on a small cliff surrounded by bare beech trees, approx. 75 m from the water and 300 m from the outdoor kitchen. In the summer, the lake view from Klippkant is obscured by the greenery of the beech trees.

Are the tents close to each other and other buildings?

The tents are placed at a good distance from each other (apart from Skogsudden 1 & 2) and in selected places around the bay. There is no other building clearly visible from the Forest Retreat, and the nearest neighbor lives about 400 m away. However, sound travels very well across the lake, so be careful not to hiss too much at times or at a decibel that you yourself would have been disturbed by. Please keep in mind that this is intended as a retreat, a time for calm and relaxation.

What should I bring with me?

You need to bring clothes according to the weather, comfortable shoes, mosquito repellent, warm clothes for cooler evenings and nights, drinks for dinner, maybe a game or a good book, and a charger for the phone that can be charged on solar electricity in the outdoor kitchen. In the lake there are the occasional perch, pike, and roach, so bring a fishing rod if you want. Fishing licenses can be redeemed at Unnaryd's kiosk or online.

Is it far to walk from the car parks?

It is approximately 800 m footpath from the car park to Kroksjöns Forest Retreat. It might be good to keep that in mind when you pack your bag :).

Can I bring my dog?

The answer is that no quadrupeds are allowed inside the tents. If the dog comes along, it must be okay with only staying outside. We hope you understand this.

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